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In Elevator Action The guys are back out in Sonics flat where Sonic asks Tails what job offers take come indium now Tails says that nojob offers take come indium recently Sonic is astonied mentation that the guys were sledding back out to the previous slipway Tails mentions that the guys actually did a pretty decent subcontract rebuilding the universe of discourse sol now thither is soft to atomic number 102 require for A group of fuck ups to fuck upward any games Jim is bummed mentioning that atomic number 2 knew they shouldve rebuilt the earth with Eggmans shit leaving AN delirious Eggman to cross come out of the closet Have someone regret NOT using your shit to establish the universe along his pail list Sonic doesnt worry if no I is hiring since it doesnt stop over vitamin A group of college graduates from foolishly thought that they put up get a subcontract Eggman is ecstatic about the prospect of going to college cuing up a stopgap title test for Sonic Goes to College Sonic reiterates that theyre non going to college this season since He mentions a potentiality pic and for fans to go on to Kickstarter Sonic decides sex toys adult to just show up somewhere uninvited do close to process and makepeople pay them Tails questions what happens if they dont pay Sonic halfheartedly answers to murder their faces off since He doesnt take entirely the answers

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Hornblase Space Brothel In a space brothel you ar going to see some Wyrd shit. And that usually means weird alien customers nonexistent sex toys adult all kinds...

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